Friday, January 18, 2013


I'm still recycling plastic bottles into beautiful flowers, however, this time I used alcohol inks.  Some of the inks I made myself using permanent markers and alcohol ink.  Ha ha, for that matter I also used some herbs and spices and alcohol for yellows, and amber colors.    Aren't they just beautiful? They do look like they were made out of blown glass. I am so happy with this I just had to share.

Each flower comes from the top or bottom of the bottle. I shape each flower to the way I feel they should be by a candle. They are pretty sturdy. The ink is permanent too, so they wash well. I am getting ready for a showing in Hollywood, Californis real soon:)

Here I used markers and alcohol, along with real alcohol ink.

My flower put together

As you can see, I used an empty vegetable oil bottle.  The flower came out so nice too.

These were made from the bottle of small water bottles.  Don't they look like lollipops?

I used a one inch paper punch for some of the inners.

I also used bottle caps for the inside.

I sculpted this face using polymer clay.  I painting her using my alcohol inks..  I then glued her to the flower. and the flower to the stick:)  you like?